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We offer a range of loose and bagged topsoil available for collection or delivery. Order from 1 to 20 tonnes of topsoil at one time.

All customers are welcome from trade, to council, to residential, we have the suitable topsoil for your specific needs.

What is topsoil?

Topsoil is the uppermost, richest layer of soil. It’s high in organic matter and nutrients and is widely used in the garden, from making raised beds to laying a new lawn. Topsoil is available in three grades: Standard, Enriched, and Premium.

If your existing soil is poor or damaged, or if the space you intend to garden has no natural soil (like a patio or driveway) then you need topsoil; this will solve your issue by creating a suitable place for gardening.

Many houses have poor soil in their gardens, especially new-build homes where the natural topsoil has been removed while the house was being constructed. In this instance, you can use topsoil to cover the ground, create new beds and borders or provide a base layer for turfing.

What topsoil do we stock?

Standard 20mm screened

Our standard 20mm screened topsoil is an all-round general purpose soil. Ideal for increasing ground levels on a large scale, being used as a base layer when turfing, and other general commercial and domestic garden uses.

Standard Topsoil - Loose Load

From £15.00* per tonne

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Standard Topsoil - Bulk Bag


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Premium 10mm screened

Our 10mm screened premium topsoil is suitable for both domestic and commercial customers. It is perfect for seeding and planting which makes it popular with our residential customers looking for high quality garden soil.

Premium Topsoil - Loose Load

From £20.00* per tonne

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Premium Topsoil - Bulk Bag


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10-15mm screened enriched topsoil provides the ideal conditions for plants to set roots and grow. Our soil has been blended with rich organic matter which allows us to provide you with the perfectly balanced mix of nutrients and water retention properties.

Enriched Topsoil Mix - Loose Load

From £23.00* per tonne

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Enriched Topsoil Mix - Bulk Bag


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*All prices exclude VAT.

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Standard, Premium and Enriched Topsoil Available Near You

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