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We provide three different grades of soil to all sorts of clients, including residential, council, and trade. Our topsoil is suitable across all sectors for varying jobs and projects.

Orders can either be delivered to you, or collected from our yard, loose or bagged, from 1 tonne to 20 tonnes. Just let us know your specifications and we’ll be happy to help.

What is topsoil?

Topsoil is exactly that; the top layer of soil. Because it is at the top, it has the opportunity to absorb and store more nutrients than lower layers. This makes topsoil the ideal choice for both gardeners and landscapers.

If your soil is in poor condition, or it has been removed in the case of new builds to make way for construction machinery, you will want an easy way to restore your space. Topsoil makes growing plants and laying turf hassle free. In no time your garden will be full of life.

Choose from the three types of topsoil available. Each type has been screened to suit different purposes - some for more general projects or landscaping needs, and others with gardening and plant growth in mind.

What topsoil do we stock?

The Topsoil Company stocks three different types of topsoil:

Standard 20mm screened

Our standard topsoil is screen to 20mm to remove unnecessary debris. This type is ideal for general landscaping projects that require ground leveling, or new levels added in. It can also be used as a base layer for turfing. Standard topsoil is ideal for both residential and commercial clients.

Standard Topsoil - Loose Load

From £15.00* per tonne


Standard Topsoil - Bulk Bag



Premium 10mm screened

Premium topsoil is screened to 10mm, making it a higher grade product. It is popular with both residential and trade clients as it works well in garden settings. If you have a new raised bed or garden border to fill, our premium topsoil is the perfect option to ensure healthy growth.

Premium Topsoil - Loose Load

From £20.00* per tonne


Premium Topsoil - Bulk Bag




Our 10-15mm screened enriched topsoil is the most popular choice with gardeners. This type has been blended with organic matter giving it a superior level of nutrients to its counterparts. Its composition is perfect for allowing seeds to grow, and newly planted plants to take root and become established.

Enriched Topsoil Mix - Loose Load

From £23.00* per tonne


Enriched Topsoil Mix - Bulk Bag



*All prices exclude VAT.

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"A* service. I was in desperate need of a load of mulch compost for my garden and the 3 bags I did order were at my door in no time! Thank you very much. "


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