10mm Screened Soil Improver - Loose Load

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Our 10mm screened soil improver is produced from natural matter. Organic soil improvers are perfect for improving soil properties as they slowly release nutrients.

You can use our soil improvers to restore natural properties in your existing soil. The benefits include:

  • Draining improvement
  • Improved moisture retention
  • An excellent increase in retention of nutrients
  • Can be used to open up clay soils
  • Free from weeds
  • No added chemicals




"I contacted The Top Soli Co and spoke to Rachel who was extremely helpful. I had 12 tons of soil delivered a week ago and the service I received was first class. Really helpful. The soil is of really good quality. Neighbours have now asked me for your contact details because I was so impressed by your service. my neighbour 2 doors along has just had 8 tons delivered today. A really reliable company and I will definitely be recommending you to my family & friends. Thank you again for all your assistance."


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